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26 July 2015 by Melvin Davila Martinez

Melvin Davila Martinez studies philosophy and discourse analysis and concept-formation, heterodox political economy and ideology, critical theory and psychoanalytic theory, and new race science and evolutionary sociobiology. He is currently writing his first book, Racial Separatist Foundations of Neoreactionary Ethnonationalism.

Davila Martinez graduated from Ewing High School in June 2015, and will be attending Utah Valley University in mid-August as a freshman. He is pursuing a bachelor of science degree in philosophy with a minor in economics.

Some of his non-theoretical online writings from his high school years have appeared in The New American (John Birch Society), The Times of Israel Blogs,, Infowars, and “I don’t consider anything I’ve written, blogged, or trolled prior to July 2015 to be reasonably representative of my future work or my current mindstate”, Davila Martinez has said.

Nevertheless, future work will be posted at this space: continuously check back at!)

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