To each according to his nation

About: Introduction to Melvin Davila Martinez

Melvin Davila Martinez was born on March 29, 1997 in Princeton, New Jersey. He currently lives in Ewing, NJ.

He is an editor for and a contributor to The Times of Israel. His work has been published by Fox News, The New American, Infowars, and The Examiner.

Davila Martinez’s research interests incorporate neoreactionary systems of thought and societal organization, heterodox political economy, critical-psychoanalytic theory, cultural/ethnic identity and ideology (discourses, axiology, epistemology, metaphysics, biopower), racial differences and demographics, and new religious movements.

Who is Brother Polight?

P_H0C1V_2374885“It takes over 300 muscles to meditate and 300 muscles to read… Mental bodybuilders… can defeat you, perhaps without a touch”. – Bro. Polight

Brother Polight (1984?-), born Michael Noak and also culturally known as Nysut: Amun-Re Sen Atum-Re, is a former gang leader and present day spiritual leader, healer, and economist. He has written “80-plus books on health, family, language, metaphysics, mathematics, property and business ownership and more to come, 35 of which he wrote in an 11-month time span. He is fluent in “eight languages namely ancient Hebrew, Nuwaupic, Napatic, Arabic, English, N.du Su, Ndelita, and Nabatean”, “one of which [he] created”. He owns two bookstores, an alkaline restaurant, and is the founder of the Golden Ankh Global Foundation, Inc., and publisher of Golden Ankh newpapers. Golden Ankh “donates educational books and materials to children from here to Africa”. He has also founded Nu-Covenant, a community for financial black empowerment. “Amongst his many different accolades, he… teaches all levels of sequential mathematics including pre-calculus sentential calculus and six sigma resource allocation”.

According to his Facebook page, his “father walked out of his life at the age of 8, never to return until he was 16 years old”. He was “also a young man who wondered where his mother was, only to meet her when he turned 17 years old”. Unfortunately, “she died that week… from cancer and diabetes”.

He almost had to have one of his feet removed due to diabetes, until his family introduced him to Dr. Sebi, and has since claimed to be cured. “Since then he has cured people in his own family and many around the world have benefited from his books and lectures on health, wellness, economics, and metaphysics”.

This page was written using a variety of uncited resources and lectures from Brother Polight. This page will be updated with citations when possible.